A Timberland Quilt Trail Virtual Tour 

We currently have 38 blocks on the quilt trail, with new sites added each year. The numbers and descriptions below correspond to the numbers on the Timberland Quilt Trail Guide, available at the Chamber of Commerce in Mio, or at most Michigan Welcome Centers.  You can also download the Guide from the home page of this website.

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21 - 2053 E. Miller Rd., Fairview.

An Amish Mariner’s Compass block graces the former Fairview Lumber/Fairview Dollar Store.
 Block designed by Carroll Griffiths.  

22 - 430 W. Eighth St., Mio.

Oscoda County Library. Books make a perfect block for the library.
 Follow them on FaceBook: Oscoda County Library.

23 - 4749 McKinley Rd., Mio (McKinley)

McKinley Civic Association designed the Fishing Bear applique block
which represents the wildlife and Au Sable River on their doorstep.

24 - 204 W. Ninth St., Mio.

OC Riverfest sponsored the Northstar Mariner’s Compass block on the Big Red Barn.
 OC Riverfest happens on the last Saturday in Aug. each year.

25 - 4263 First St., Comins.

Comins Mennonite Church sponsored this Cathedral View, designed by Dana Jones.
 The original church on this site which was destroyed in the 1999 tornado is remembered here.

26 - 850 Galbraith Rd., Mio.

This barn was built over 70 years ago as a milking barn and the farm has been in the family for over 100 years.
*Private Residence.

27 - 3746 N. Abbe Rd., Comins.

This barn was built in 1901 and has been in the Maxwell family since 1971.
 Bertha Jane’s Star was made in honor of Ruth’s maternal grandmother
and the block was named a runner-up in a quilt contest.

*Private Residence

28 - 330 Schmid Rd., Fairview.

Richard & Mary are authors and owners of Quick Turtle Books and live near Turtle Creek.

*Private Residence  

29 - 503 AFO Jason Wright St., Mio.

“Mina Ruth’s” Dollhouse is a collection of over 2000 dolls.
The Sunbonnet Sue pattern is a perfect reflection of the owner’s joy in preserving dolls of the past.
 *Private Residence

30 - 300 W. Eighth St., Mio.

“Road to Oscoda County” was given to the Oscoda County Road Commission in recognition
of their support of the trail. Notice the construction cone squares!

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All images (c) Timberland Quilt Trail, Economic Developement Alliance for Oscoda County.
All rights reserved.  

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